Base Mouldings

Base mouldings provide an elegant and practical transition between floor and wall. The classic shoulder cove base has a more visual prominence and can be used with a wainscot or alone, while the sanitary cove base is flush with the wall. The Ellis cove base creates a more gentle radius and works well as a shower base. All cove bases are fully glazed on the bottom edge for installation flush to the floor tile or set on top.

6" x 6" shoulder cove base

6" shoulder cove base - outside corner26RD26

6" shoulder cove base - inside corner26RD62

6" x 6" sanitary cove base66MC00

6" cove base - outside corner66RD66

6" quarter cove beak/cove base - inside corner66RU66

2" x 6" Ellis cove base26EC00

2" x 6" Ellis cove base - outside corner26EC01